Dr. Gholam Peyman Awarded The IPLAC Creator of the Year Award for 2024




Dr. Gholam Peyman is a world-renowned ophthalmologist, retinal surgeon, and inventor. Dr. Peyman’s prolific inventions include LASIK eye surgery, a vision correction procedure designed to allow people to see clearly without glasses for which he was awarded a U.S. patent in 1989. Other inventions include numerous surgical techniques in vitreoretinal surgery (Vitrophage) and endolaser, intraocular application of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antifungals medications as well as several optical and surgical instruments, stereo-operating microscope, fluidic lenses, automated phoropter, new concepts in cancer thermo-immuno-therapy, therapy of viral infections, vaccine production, and vaccination syringes. He has received over 220 patents, published over 800 peer reviewed articles, has authored ten (10) textbooks in Ophthalmology. and has trained 250 students, residents, and fellows.

Dr. Peyman received his MD at the University of Freiburg in Germany. He subsequently completed internships at St. Johannes Hospital in Duisburg, Germany and at Passaic General Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey. He completed his residency in ophthalmology and a retina fellowship at the University of Essen, Germany followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the UCLA, School of Medicine. Dr. Peynman served as professor of ophthalmology and ocular oncology at the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, University of Illinois in Chicago, with its chairman professor Morton Goldberg. Dr. Peyman developed the first glaucoma shunt, vitrectomy system and the LASIK surgical method while he was at University of Illinois. Dr. Peyman currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he has an ophthalmology practice. He has been emeritus professor of ophthalmology at Tulane University since 2009. He is currently professor of Ophthalmology and basic medical sciences at the University of Arizona College of Medicine at Phoenix and adjunct professor of Optical Sciences at University of Arizona in Tucson.

Among his numerous awards and accolades are an honorary doctorate degree from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina where he is a member of council of ophthalmology. Dr. Peyman is named as a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. He is an honored member of American Society of Retina Specialists. Among medals and honors are the Waring Medal of the Journal of Refractive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Peyman received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation award from President Obama in 2013 in recognition of his invaluable contributions.